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Let's Get Acquainted

GoBU’s Commitment to Volunteer Involvement

GoBUTV recognizes volunteer involvement is an integral piece to its operation and makes a commitment to run a safe, supportive and sustainable volunteering program. This program will meet the needs of the organization, and allow volunteers the chance to serve others with their gifts, time and passions. GoBUTV is committed to:

  • Continuous improvement and prioritizes collecting and implementing the feedback of volunteers who have a nuanced understanding of how our programs and services run, and how they can be improved to deliver better outcomes.

  • Recognizing the contribution of volunteers and highlighting their critical role in delivering services and programs.

  • Adequately supply volunteers with resources during their involvement, and reimburse them for any out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Uphold Godly values and biblical standards in everything we do.

For The Volunteer

As a volunteer, you are a vital part of GoBUTV. We value your time, skills, and commitment. In addition to all mentioned above, we are committed to training, supervising, and supporting you in your service.

We sincerely hope you find many benefits from your volunteer participation with GoBUTV.

Please read the following agreement carefully, then initial and date it at the bottom.

I will adhere to all departmental procedures and will perform my volunteer duties in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures of GoBUTV. These include the following:

  • I will be dependable, punctual, and conscientious.

  • I will notify the leadership in a timely manner (preferably 24 hours) if I am unable to serve due to illness, vacation, or tardiness due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • I will maintain an appropriate attire, a well-groomed appearance, and a professional manner.

  • I will maintain appropriate boundaries.

  • I understand that volunteering is a valuable service, and I am committed to serving with GoBUTV for the purpose of expanding God's Kingdom on the earth and to bring Him glory.

Thank you!

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