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Entertain, Educate and Evangelize
You, as a content creators, do so much more than inform and engage our audience.  You are one of the faces of and represent the character of God and demonstrate His love.  You hold a vital role in our GoBU family. As a content creator, you will interact with guests on segments, interface sponsors or promoters and make personal appearances at events. When you're not in the spot, there are behind the scene tasks that you'll need to perform in order to make your in front of the camera job seem effortless.
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Skills and Abilities

  • strong walk and relationship with Jesus Christ

  • an outgoing personality 

  • a clear and distinct speaking voice

  • a sharp wit and be able to think quickly on his feet, such as when interviewing guests or when things go wrong

  • at least a high school diploma or GED

  • commitment to be timely

  • an appetite for fun

  • Radio announcements should be no longer than 3 minutes

  • Always end on a positive note

  • Include GoBU whenever possible.

  • No profane language

  • No political subject matter

  • No racial bias

  • No church haterade

  • No self promotion

  • Be aware of not over promoting individuals, ministries, businesses or artists.  Doing so can bleed into advertising for these entities and no one is paying us to advertise for them.


One Liners Elements and Examples

  • Mention GoBU at the beginning or at the end of your track

  • For Kingdom Hip and Hop and R&B keep it locked on GoBU

  • GoBU is your number one source for the Hottest CHH bangers.  Speaking of bangers, here's one for ya!

  • Download our App

  • Follow us on social at

  • Your name

  • Song name 

  • Artist name

  • Song and artist name 

  • Info about song or the artist

  • Edify with scripture

  • Proverb for the Day

  • Kingdom Citizen tip

  • Know the King by knowing His character

  • Remind the audience they are royalty

  • Invite them to join the Kingdom

  • Announce events 

  • Donations

Simple Example: You're listening to GoBU. This is Marquisha Reed and I hope you're having a tremendous day! Here's a new track by KB, Armies!

Simple Example: You just hear Lecrea with Jesus Muzic on GoBU and up next is Nobigdyl and Andy with Willie.


How to record your voiceovers in the platform.


This video gives you an overall understanding of how to create your radio show with a playlist once you've recorded your voice tracks.


How to record your voice tracks in the show.

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