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More than music, its a movement

GoBU Vision 

Our vision is to bring more young people to Christ and disciple them to be effective servants in their homes, churches, creative professions/hobbies, communities, and the world.

GoBU Mission 

Our mission at GoBU is to introduce a new generation to God. We aim to assist young people in understanding his kingdom through popular culture, hip-hop, and R&B.

We also empower them to harness their gifts to serve God, love people and increase God's Kingdom.

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GoBUTV, short for "Go Be All God Created You To Be," is a multimedia ministry movement that educates, entertains, and empowers young people aged 18 - 25 to harness the revolutionary nature of Christian Hip-Hop and R&B music. We pride ourselves on being an urban brand that produces community-based content for the people, with a strong emphasis on showcasing authentic stories. 


As an organization, we view ourselves as pioneers in the Christian visual radio space. Worldwide studies have shown that young people are far more likely to engage in visual content than previous generations. In addition, we believe visual radio brings the medium into the 21st century. Users can stream thousands of Christian Hip-Hop songs, enjoy shows on demand from our app, download numerous artist interviews, or simply listen to traditional live radio.


"It's Time To Go Be You."

GoBUTV - Embracing Divine Interventions

GoBUTV - Embracing Christianity one Hip-Hop beat at a time

GoBUTV - Christianity, Music, and Life

GoBUTV - Faith & Hip-Hop

GoBUTV - Faith, Music & Rhymes

GoBUTV- Beats, Rhymes & Christ

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Our app offers video content, impactful interviews, music videos, live sets, concerts, and local festivals.


GoBUTV also runs a live performance event called Creative Liturgy, which enables our young people to flex their creative juices and engage emotionally with their audience.




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